Super tips to save your time in kitchen

Most of us are busy in this day today sedentary life. Tied up with lots of works due to which nobody wants to spend long in kitchen cooking. Here are some few tips which will surely save your time in kitchen. Most important is always preplan your week to be more organized. This will helps save your time as well you will not waste much time in thinking what to cook?
1. Preparing breakfast? Many of us has less time in morning to cook our first meal. Most favorite is poha & upma. You can simply dry roast poha, mustard seeds, turmeric powder, salt, curry leaves in little oil on medium flame till they slightly toasted. Cool them & store it in an air tight container. It will last for 10-15 days in room temperature. On busy days just saute some veggies in nonstick pan, add this poha mixture, water & your poha is ready. Same can be done with semolina to prepare upma just add Chana dal in the same while roasting.
2. Cut the veggies & store them in a zip pouch bag without any…

Do you need to go gluten free?? Think once again

“Gluten free.” Everybody is frantically looking for this label when they are out shopping at the grocery store. A gluten free diet is such a fad today that people actually worship it as the latest weight loss diet in town or as a way of cleansing their bodies. Many are even declaring themselves as ‘gluten sensitive’ leading to exasperated family members, and dining partners to be cautious about the foods to eat. But do we really need to go gluten free? Gluten is a protein found in foods like wheat, barley and rye and to some extent in oats. Those with coeliac disease are allergic to this protein that causes severe reactions when taken and also causes damage to the small intestine and other organs in the body. People with coeliac disease usually have a genetic predisposition and hence, those having symptoms like diarrhea, anemia, dermatitis etc are advised to follow a gluten free diet. A gluten free diet is an absolute must for those with celiac disease as gluten can cause long term dam…

Do these reasons stop you from doing diet?? NOT WITH US

When we talk about weight loss everybody wants to lose weight those who are surrounded by obesity or medical conditions like thyroid, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, PCOS etc. You know that it is very important to lose weight at this stage in order to live a healthy life in the further. Let's find out the top reasons why people be determine to lose weight but yet take their step back which in turn adds more weight. Some of you may have tried dieting before to lose weight & must have lost as well but unfortunately in some cases they gain back. The simple reason may be crash/fad diet/soup or salads diet etc where you must be eating food in negligible amount which gives results on temporary bases but when you come back to your normal routine you gain double which you had lost. This creates misunderstanding in many people mind that dieting is boring with no food & variety which is absolutely wrong at least not in Healthy Mantra. We believe if you want to lose weight you have to…

Best ways to beat sugar craving

Sugar craving is most common that many people battle with reasons can be many listed below- ü Cutting down sugar completely even caffeine from your routine & switching to low GI diet.    Chromium deficiency.    Keeping yourself hungry for longer period.    Hormonal changes, mood swings & stress.

How to beat sugar cravings in easy way??

1.Most easy way is to munch on fresh fruits available around you. Apples, oranges & bananas are the great source of chromium which satisfies sweet cravings faster. Even cinnamon can help you to overcome the sugar addiction, it helps to regulate blood sugar levels & helps to reduce the sugar cravings. Best dessert can be sprinkle some cinnamon powder on the slices of apple & go on.   2.Smoothies, Plain yoghurt & fruit yoghurt is again good options for satisfying sugar cravings. The reason for sweetness of plain yoghurt is due to lactose which is a healthy sugar found in all dairy products. Benefit of Yoghurt, which help maintain prope…

Top 6 tips to improve your health at work

Eight to nine hours on a chair in front of a computer, six days a week can take a toll on your body.
Tips that will help you to stay healthy & in shape at work:
üThe snacks that you & your co-workers may indulge in are likely to add a few hundred calories to your daily diet if you’re not care careful & can leave you with unwanted kilos. The most important office-time snacks are samosa, pakoras, burgers, pizza & French fries. Try eating fruits, vegetables sandwiches, dhoklas, plain dosa, steamed idlis or momos, instead of fried foods. Have nimbu paani,unflavored soya milk,buttermilk instead of soft aerated drinks.
üDrink adequate amount of water i.e 10-12 glasses everyday can help to keep you hydrated. The 3 o’ clock lull that many people feel at work is due to dehydration. Many foods are also good sources of water fruits like oranges, grapes, melons & apples can help you to remain healthy & hydrated.
üOne of the most important things ,you can do during the day to s…

Top teas for good health

Tea is cherished by every one & is most important part of our daily routine
moreover tea revolution is taking over the world. Today let us see some top
teas which can have healthy impact on our body.

Tea's which are beneficial for our health.

It is one of the least processed loaded with 3 times more with antioxidants than green tea. white tea may help to break down unwanted fats cells & thus can prevents the formation of new fat cells. Besides this it has anti bacterial thus if you are suffering from tooth decay of gum problems
it can to help heal it. Those who are having bad breath this can be great solution
to get rid of your stinky breath. white tea can help to reduce your high blood cholesterol level it also helps to strengthening your heart. It has shown great results when it comes to control high blood sugars by promoting
insulin secretion.

ASHWAGANDH TEA  Ashwagandh is also known as "India's ginseng" or "winter cherry." It is …

These 6 everyday foods can relieve constipation

Constipation may not be everybody’s favorite topic of discussion. Each one of us has different bowel habits and sometimes they can botch you up. Discussing constipation is usually considered a social taboo, but it’s important to discuss this as bowel movement disorder can arise from a number of problems like inflammatory bowel disease, obstructed hernia, paralytic ileus, etc. The chief cause behind more functional constipation can be-
Diet lacking in fiber Low levels of magnesiumFried or non vegetarian foodLow intake of fluidsChanges in routine
However, some foods can be your bowel’s best friends and here they are.

Prunes act as a mild laxative, stimulating muscles to push waste through the large intestine. Five prunes provide about 3 grams of fiber, but because prune juice is equally effective at relieving constipation.

Half cup of cooked spinach is packed with 4 grams of fiber, also it is loaded with magnesium, one of the factors that can help with constipation. Magnesi…